Hall Family Pictures……. Detroit Family Photography

They are such an adorable family! Their little girl is sooo sweet, and such a good little one, even though it was a little cold she was amazing.


  1. You did a great job…. If you get a chance take one of E and her grandfather… He just loves this little one. Her grandmother was my best friend…. She’d love her. I miss Carol a lot….

  2. Simply darling! Love this couple and what a sweet baby! You captured the sweetness just perfectly.

  3. I just looked at these again, oh my gosh, they are too cute!!! We miss Carol too, she was a sweetheart, just like Tracy, and E will be too…

  4. Thank you lois very much especially for taking these photos on a day like it was feeling a bit under the weather. Hannah you were great with E. We won’t forget all the jumping up/down you did for us and all the talking to her you did to help her cope with us crazy people out in the cold wind no coats lol. Boy was E quite the trooper. We had her double layered but what a red little nose and cold ears she had. Didn’t fuss much at all. We really are blessed God is truly good isn’t He? We all miss my mom very much. I know she too would love E.

  5. What beautiful and talented photography! Little E is such a cutie with those big blue eyes. We just love her so much…such a happy little girl.

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