Hometown Barber

This is the same barber and barber shop that cut my dad’s hair, my grandpa’s, also my son’s, and my nephew’s, my uncle’s. Now I have to get my grandson there this summer, that means he will have had his hair cut by the same barber that cut his great great grandpa’s hair.


  1. I admire people who can do the same things for long periods of time. I guess I did do that at different places. I love retail. I’ve been a gas attendant, grocery store clerk, drugstore clerk, sales at Sears, sold Greeting cards. I love people. The Barber loves people. Hope you get K-2 down there for his haircut.

  2. Thanks for posting this photo. I should have had him cut my hair. We’ll have to get back there when springtime comes. Springtime in the mountains. That sounds good to me.

  3. Pretty cool. Amazing actually!

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