It snowed tonight







  1. Notice how warm it was! Hannah didn’t have a coat on. Lois, I’m so glad you thought to take these pictures.

  2. One is more beautiful than the next!

  3. wow! these are so pretty and amazing! i love the first and last one. very nice!

  4. So elegant and regal looking! Beautiful!

  5. these are amazing pictures. AMAZING!!!

  6. Incredible, Lois! Kudos!! You should enter these photos in a contest!

  7. ahh yess. it has a very “Chrsitmas in July” kinda feeling to it. (: love it!

  8. I love these and the snow and lighting is so pretty!

  9. just beautiful!

  10. How did you do that ? Awesome ! You do such an awesome job. Where on earth do you get your ideas ? Very artistic.

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