Kyle, Elizabeth and family












  1. You can tell he is a Pierpont just call him “Bright eyes.” He better always be honest because his mother will be able to read his eyes.

  2. those pics are wonderful and that little Oliver looks like his daddy…

    Oh my those eyes are just adorable.
    I also like the look of concern in Kyle Kenneth’s eyes

    They are all beautiful

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. my goodness mother…these are a treasure. thanks so much for taking these! you are good, very good.

  4. Aw, those are adorable pictures!!! That little guy is sooo cute!!!! :) I’m sure you’re having so much fun with him!!

  5. *gasp* his eyes are so stunningly cute…(= what a little cutie pie

  6. May those two sons grow up to be like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior.

    Beautiful pictures!

  7. Robin McNier says:

    You take such beautiful pictures! Your Grandsons are very handsome and precious, you are blessed!!!!
    ps I enjoy looking through all your pictures what a beautiful family.
    Have a blessed day,
    Robin McNier- Byron

  8. To whom this may concern.
    I seen the pictures that you send me & this
    is a beautiful Family.
    Thank you

  9. Both little boys are absolutely beautiful, or I should say HANDSOME. Oliver’s bright, alert eyes are the very first thing I noticed about him. Oh, what a precious baby.
    Lois, please post more baby photos real soon!
    Blessings to the happy family.

  10. he is a beautiful baby! what great portraits ~
    blessings to you~

  11. Paulline Afman says:

    Oliver is beautiful! Kyle and his wife look so happy and we are glad. Lois is a terrific photographer.
    We love you all soo much!
    Clyde & Pauline Afman

  12. Love these, Lois!! Such a beautiful family! Oliver is precious…

  13. Jennifer says:

    Those are beautiful pictures, Lois. Little Oliver looks like he has his mommy’s big eyes. What a sweetheart.

  14. Holly Thisse says:

    These are just wonderful! I look forward to more of this fine family :)

  15. Wow! These are wonderful! I just got back and Andrea was looking through your pictures. Such a beautiful family.

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