Our new grandson #2

Here are some pictures of little Kyle seeing his baby brother for the first time. (about 5 hours after he was born)








More to come…..


  1. How sweet! They are such little dolls!
    I have been waiting for the pics!

  2. great great great!!! wow! i love them mother! thank you so much…it’s pretty awesome to have a photographer as a mom!

  3. What sweet pictures Lois! Congratulations!! We will meet our little Madelyn this Friday!!

  4. It looks like K-2 already likes his new playmate. Another Kyle and Chuck.

  5. Debra Mulcrone says:

    All beautiful pictures!!! Congratulations. What a beautiful baby and family.

  6. what sweet pictures love them all
    Little Kyle is note sure about the crying but he certainly loves that baby already…

    thank you

  7. beautiful pictures! Sweet little guy!
    And Elizabeth looks awesome….I’m jealous!!;)

  8. Picture #2 is stunning. Father/son…so beautiful.
    What a precious little family! You are one blessed mom/grandma!!

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