Sweet little Kyle

This weekend we stayed at Kyle’s & Elizabeth’s and I got to see my little sweetie pie, he is so sweet and I love watching him as he plays with his toys and loves to play with Hope, he has started to talk, and it melts my heart when he calles me “memaw” I love that little boy so much.
On Sunday Kyle preached in the am service Holly, Hope, and I got to hear his speak, he did a great job, quit amazing to see your son preach.
Before church I was able to take a few pictures of little Kyle, Hope was a big help with getting him to sit still and look toward me.












  1. Oh, those are adorable..

    He is so sweet..I love him

  2. awwww! he’s the cutest thing EVER!

  3. THat’s my Nephew!!!!! My Sweetie Sweets!!

  4. too, too cute!!!

  5. He’s so cute! Beautiful pictures!

  6. oh my!!! i love these with all my heart. thanks for capturing such great shots of my little buddy. i love him!

  7. Those beautiful brown eyes are piercing! What a sweet, adorable boy!

  8. Another Linus carrying around his blanket. Love these.

  9. That sweater vest is KILLER!!! Nice Pictures Mrs Pierpont

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