7 thoughts on “We Like Ice Cream

  1. Teresa

    mmm…cold stone…a wonderful place

    you have such a beautiful family, and your pictures are stunning. I loved looking through them on your site here.

  2. Vanessa

    Gorgeous pictures!! I’m officially hungry for ice cream. =P
    Tell Hannah it’s okay to smile with at least 3 teeth showing =D(an old Children’s Institute trick). She’s so beautiful!
    Hope all is well with the Pierponts!!

  3. Josiah

    Yeah…Heidi looks like she has some amazing secret that’s she’s holding in, it’s making her eyes bulge, and she’s smirking b/c she’s not going to let it out and we don’t get to know.

    Tell Hannah that will be a good hair look to remember 15 yrs from now when she’s old enough to dort. 😉

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