We went to visit Heidi & Austin

We hadn’t been out to WI to visit Heidi & Austin since they got married, their apartment is beautiful, Austin had to go to work so after he left we took some pictures of Heidi, it was a beautiful day but kinda cold by the water, they live close to lake MI, we went to Milwaukee, then got a bite to eat. We had a great visit.

I thought this was a beautiful spot.

3 thoughts on “We went to visit Heidi & Austin

  1. evelyn

    Heidi is looking more and more like Holly. I never seen it before these pictures. She sure looks so happy. I hope that cop doesn’t stop and give me a ticket….

  2. Chuk

    Looking Good Heidi. Austin you look manly with that fit. Its funny because you are the perfect cop. You are a very great looking couple. Love you all. Chuk

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