Ball Family ……………….Trenton, MI Family Photography

3 thoughts on “Ball Family ……………….Trenton, MI Family Photography

  1. Colleen

    OHhhh, I am soooo glad that you got to meet them! Aren’t they just terrific! Dee Dee is completely and utterly inspirational as not just a person, but a mom! I LOVE them! Thank you so much for getting such wonderful personality shots!

  2. Ethel M. Ball Newberry

    Dear Ball Family, My maiden name was Ball, Grandmother was Margaret Rennick Ball, Grandfather was Daniel Nelson Ball, Father was Daniel Nelson Ball Jr., (1902-1965), and a Sibling of Dale Ball, Gladys Ball Ranz, and Cassie Ball Bowen. Most of them are buried in Redford Pioneer Cemetery on Telegraph Rd. between Five Mile (Fenkell) and Six Mile Rd. (W. McNichols Rd.) Early 1900’s Grandma and Grandpa lived in the Springwells section, down river area of Detroit. History shows that Springwells in Wayne County was absorbed by Detroit. but I’m not sure of the year. Father had 3 wives, #1 was Edith, they had children, Shirley, (lived out Trenton way,) Daniel Ball, Jr., lived Livonia area, ( I met him at Fathers funeral in 1965, at a Dearborn Funeral Home on Michigan Ave.) #2 Wife was my mother, Mary Etta, I was their only child, last wife was Lucille (Lucy). I don’t know if they had any children during that marriage. Would there be a family tie some where in this history? I’d be pleased to hear from you, either way, because Ball is not that common a name…
    sincerely, Ethel Ball Newberry, October 23, 2014

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