Our Trip To Amish Country In Indiana

If I could, I would be Amish, but I can’t, so I will go look at them when I can.
The picture below is of an Amish wedding that was going on, it was a Wednesday evening.

They were taking a lunch break from working on the barn.

You can’t go to Shipshewana, IN without getting a JOJO’s pretzel.

8 thoughts on “Our Trip To Amish Country In Indiana

  1. evelyn

    Lois, Lois, Lois, when I think you can’t top the last pictures you show up with these pictures. Now all you need to do is write a book and put these pictures in it. All I can say is, “Lovely!”

  2. Elayne Bielby

    These are beautiful!! They look like magazine photos!! What a wonderful gift these would be to the people of the town!!

    Good job! I like the cows, the people, and the pumpkins!

  3. Sharon

    I agree Lois, I would too! I love everything about their lifestyle…well, I don’t think I would like the no air conditioning and no running water but I could live with everything else! ;-)we go there a lot too!

  4. melony

    Just call me a copycat but it’s ok. Jim and I didn’t get to do anything yet for our 34th Ann. as a baby in our congregation died on our anniversary. Anyway, that is where we are going and soon. It is so beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful day. We usually do Ship on Terry and my birthday. Recently the guys go off and golf together and Hill and I go to all the shops and the flea mtg. I love you.

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