Andy, Kathy & Baby “A” Family Pictures ……… Detroit Area Photography

I took Kathy & Andy’s wedding pictures, so it is x-tra special to be taking pictures of them and their sweet little girl, she looks like a doll with her beautiful bright blue eyes.

4 thoughts on “Andy, Kathy & Baby “A” Family Pictures ……… Detroit Area Photography

  1. Kathy

    Loved the pictures!! Even though she wouldn’t smile that much(come to find out it was her teeth, her first tooth poked through the next day), you still got some great shots of her!! Thank you so much!!

  2. Bev

    You’re right Lois, the most beautiful bright blue eyes! I love the one of her yawning and the one after that one, but they are all adorable!

  3. evelyn

    I love the way you had the bulb in the jar behind her to match the pearls in her hand. Great way to do a Christmas picture.
    Kathy, that dress is beautiful.

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