7 thoughts on “Dan plays Evangel softball

  1. evelyn

    Great pictures of Evangel softball team.
    Wow how many years since I sat out there and watched? Lonnie played for 3 or 4 years.
    God is still working on the field.

  2. Josiah

    Dan looks awesome.

    But I’m still the wiffle-ball champion of the world.

    Wes’ growin’ like a weed.

    I like the pic of Hannah with the sky…I think it’s pretty awesome how you composed that.


  3. Heidi

    Aww! I like these pictures Mom they are Great! You are such a good picture taker =).

  4. Chuk

    Dan dan he’s my man if he can’t do it….uh well just give me a call!

    Nice pictures. How was daniel the maniels hitting? Look like from the picture he flew that ball to left just behind shortstop?

    I love that kid, I love all the pierpont kids I miss them like jiminy Christmas

    Love you mom

  5. melony

    Lois, You are amazing. I love to look at your site. Hope to see you before Thanksgiving.:)

  6. C.Smalley Sr.

    Excellent activity, at Evangel, I am not sure of the progress as some 60 years ago the young men of Evangel had to search for a field to use, the batter in those days would be facing a 60 mile an hour fast ball and the ball would pop louding into the catchers mitt now days it’s just a plunk, The crack of the wood bat meeting the ball resounding with a solid crack now a ping. The fellowship is still the same and the testimony of the players coninues to give Him praise. A excellent portrayal of a activity.
    Team Player all the way

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