Getting our tree

Tuesday we went to get our Christmas tree, Chuck was on his way home from work so he stopped in. The trees were too small so Ken ended up going to Lowes and buying one.
Hazzard had a great time running around the tree farm with Hope, when the tree was up, we came into the room and there lay little tuckered out Hazzard, sound asleep.







3 thoughts on “Getting our tree

  1. evelyn

    Hazzard looks like he’s growing. I liked the McCafe. Did Hope make her decoration or did you have it done for her? I have many little decorations with the Grandkid’s names on them. They spend time looking just for their name.

  2. Heidi Hancock

    Aww You took Hazard! I’m glad you are taking care of our little baby for us =). Me and Austin were talking about him the other night and I miss the little guy. You guys should bring him at Christmas so I can see him. It looks like he loves Christmas. Good pictures looks like fun. So the whole family didn’t go to get the tree?

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