Good Girls Go To Paris…….Detroit, MI

A family I took pictures for recommended Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes. It seemed like a great day-off destination and a special treat for Hope.

To our delight, the owner was there when we arrived and she was willing to pose for a picture. It was our first crepe. Hope and I got “sweet” with fruit and powdered sugar. Ken got “savory” with ham and egg and cheese–a manly crepe if there is one. They are custom-crafted. They are not fast food they say, but they are worth the wait.

The quant little shop is just a few doors from the Detroit Institute of Art. Here is a little video of our outing with everything but the taste and smell.

Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes Website

1 thought on “Good Girls Go To Paris…….Detroit, MI

  1. Julie Hinds

    Looks like a cute place, I love crepes, I work partime at a Christian group home and made them crepes for breakfast yesterday, they absolutely loved them but it took me about 2 hours to make 40! My favorite is nutella and bananas, yum!

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