6 thoughts on “Our sweet grandson and his mom & dad

  1. Kyle

    I love these pictures. I checked a couple times today hoping you would have them up. Thanks for posting them. This last one cracks me up. His shorts are so droopy. I also love the ones of him and Hope. His little friend, Madeline, came over today and he was trying to wrestle her like he did Hope. A little embarrassing. I was afraid he was going to hurt her. He was also tracing her around and trying to kiss her. I think I’m in trouble when he gets older.

  2. Josiah

    I love how Dan’s like, “And this is Starbucks…and this is good…you want this”.

    Niiiiice shirt Kyle…I need to get me one o’ those.

  3. MOM

    great pics as usual…

    Lois, you are so good at that…
    like Kyle said, great subjects help.

    that little guy looks just like his Grandpa Pierpont.


    great grandma

  4. Margaret

    Hey aunt lois the pics r sooooo cute i love them he just sutch a doll isnt he :)…well hopefully we will get 2 c u guys soon miss u all very much…loves <3 ~marg

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