Portraits of Hannah

It was soooo cold, but we wanted to get some new pictures.

7 thoughts on “Portraits of Hannah

  1. evelyn

    Beautiful pictures. What Hannah will do for her Mom to get pictures! No coat????? It was cold out wasn’t it? I love her scarf and dress. Hannah is quite a lovely lady.

  2. Mom

    what a lovely person…. that one that show her breath in the cold….. brrrr! so real…. I hope she doesn’t get sick…. Love you Hannah and Lois… and all of you. Every one loves our pictures that you took at the family dinner.
    thank you again.

  3. Bev

    Amazing, these are so beautiful. I wanted to pick a favorite but one is prettier than the next. The thing that is special is she is just as beautiful inside – love her!

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